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Week of October 20th

Tue 10-15—-Early a.m. run around the neighborhood with Harold. Felt good to get the legs moving after the week off. 9.9 miles. 7:48 min/mile pace

Sat 10-18—-Ran the countryside roads while Stella had horseback riding lesson. Beautiful backroads…ponds, pastures and mountains in the horizon. 7.6 miles. 7:35 min/mile pace.

Running Miles—-17.5

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Week of October 13th

Rest and relaxation week.

Started back at the gym with two quality workouts. So nice for the upper body to be sore.

Sat 10-12—-1.8 mile run to retrieve car from downtown.

Will start back running next week. Possibly the Last Chance 50K on December 14th and for certain the Harbison 50K on January 4th.

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Week of October 6th

Nada…nothing. zilch.

knee hurts.

Sat 10-5—-Stump Jump 50K

The most difficult terrain I have ever run on. Extremely technical, incredible steep climbs and descents. 87 degrees with 73 % humidity. 3 yellow jacket nests on the trail with angry bees. A sore knee.

All these excuses leading up to my first DNF. From the outset of the race my mind was working against me. I did nothing to snuff out the negative thoughts, but instead I coddled them and nurtured them until they became an overpowering monster. 19.5 mile aid station was as far as I would make it.

I have two entirely different outlooks on this result. 1. I have no regrets. I listened to my body and called it when it was necessary. I did no damage to my knee and will be running in the next week. I am now hungrier than ever to accomplish the goal of finishing another race. 2. I am frustrated that I gave up. All ultras involve discomfort and pain and the potential for the negative thoughts to emerge victorious over the ability to push on. I did not allow myself the chance to work through it.

I will be back Chattanooga. For realz. And next year I will not be beat.

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Week of September 29th

Tue 9/24—-Early solo run through the hood. Nothing like the alarm clock ringing at 4 a.m. Ugh. I did see an amazing shooting star as I came back on the rail trail. Made it all worthwhile. Felt great during this run. Was able to keep a good pace, really enjoying the coolness in the air. 12.7 miles. 7:34 min/mile pace.

Wed 9/25—-Rain…no ride. Incline work on the dreadmill. Awful. 3.1 miles. 36 or so minutes.

Sat 9/28—-Ran the 2 mile Nature Trail at Croft while waiting to meet some folks on the half marathon course. Wow, that trail is great. Did a loop of the CCHM course with a couple of folks. Felt rough to start, but great to finish. My legs held up great on the hills and I still had some juice in the tank to finish. A great confidence builder for next weekend. 15.5 miles. 2 hrs 42 min.

Running miles—-31.3

Life has found a way to derail me from getting in higher mileage weeks. Not sure if more mileage would have helped me next weekend…or if maybe I am coming in at just the right time. We will see. I would love to come in under 6 hours. Finding balance in life can be tough. Just have to be happy to have the ability to run a 50K.

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Week of September 22nd

Tue 9-17—-After dinner (and drinks) slog with the dog around the neighborhood. She pulls me for 2 miles…and I pull her for the last one. 3.1 miles. 9 min/mile pace

Wed 9-18—-

A.M.— Could. Not. Get. My. Ass. OUTTA bed. for the long run I had intended. Last minute jumped up and decided to get anaerobic. 4.8 miles. 6:59 min/mile pace. ouch…it is amazing how hard that was.

P.M.—-Shortened group ride with the posse. 25ish miles. 17ish mph average. fun.

Fri 9-20—-Hopefully the last hot run of the season. Left at about 1:30 and ran on some busy, no sidewalk or shoulder having roads. Miserable. Walked a fair amount. Felt like dogshit. 13.4 miles. 9:04 min/mile pace.

Running miles—-21.3. Jeez. I have to at least run the 50k distance PER WEEK.

Cycling miles—-25

two weeks until raceday. just bring it. It will be fun no matta what.

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Week of September 15th

Tue 9-10—-Early a.m. run through the hood with Harold. Hopefully the last morning of warmth and humidity of the season. Legs felt much better than the previous week. The knee felt good and was able to keep a decent pace throughout. 9.8 miles. 7:56 min/mile pace.

Fri 9-13—-Afternoon jaunt around town. Again, the legs felt fresh and the temps were a bit milder for an afternoon run. Same exact pace. 11.2 miles. 7:56 min/mile pace.

Sun 9-15—-Wanted to hit the Bench Marathon with Gordon and Ned, but given that Ashley wanted to do a run at Croft I decided to stay in town and enjoy some time on the trails with her.

I started with a run around town. Changed up to a little bit different of a route, but felt great and loved the low 60’s. Ran by the house…ate a bit of food and set out toward Croft for a couple more miles. Ashley picked me up as I was nearing the SCSDB. Slightly faster pace then I had run earlier in the week. 10.8 miles. 7:54 min/mile pace.

Part 2. Ashley and I parked at Dairy Ridge and headed up New Edition. The weather was still nice and cool with low humidity. As we hit Hensington Road I gave her the choice of the 7 mile route…or 10ish mile route. I was thrilled when she picked the longer. We hit The Chapters and followed it back to the Palmetto Trail. Soon, we were back at the car. What a great run. I have no doubt she is ready for the Stump Jump 11 miler…and probably the Croft half. 10ish miles. 2hrs10 min.

Running miles—-42ish.

Much better week than last week. The knee feels better…I think I am just going to have to keep it in check when throwing down the longer mileage weeks, but it should be fine. The two run Sunday what exactly what I needed to boost the confidence a bit. I need to have another 20 mile day next weekend before I start tapering a bit.

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Week of September 8th


I made the comment the week before that it was nice to be running without injury for a while. dammit.

Tue 9-3—-woke up…”uh, no. what is the niggle in my knee. I am sure it will fade by tomorrow.”

Wed 9-4—-jeezus. ice. ibuprofen. Group bike ride from downtown. 30 miles. 17.5 mph average. Rode at the front for the entire ride for a good workout.

Thu 9-5—-ice. ibuprofen.

Fri. Sat….arrgghhhh.

Sun 9-15—- “Ran” the half marathon course with Ned. “Running”…being a ginormous stretch of the imagination. Had one of the worstest runs I can remember. Breathing sucked, heartrate felt weird, just couldn’t make it up the hills. The knee felt marginal.   Wow, I can’t wait for this 50K in a month. NOT.

running miles—-13.5

cycling miles—-30

altogether sucked ballz.